The Charlesview story is one of community empowerment, interfaith cooperation and collaborative public/private partnerships. Incorporated forty years ago, Charlesview was founded as a mixed-income housing resource for the community.

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The three congregations, Kadimah Toras-Moshe, St. Anthony’s, and Community, that make up Charlesview, Inc. have a long history of providing mixed-income housing to residents in need.

Our commitment was and is to provide good, safe, and affordable housing for all people in need in the North Allston community.  In fact, our waiting list for residents is years-long, so we know that there continues to be a need for additional mixed-income housing in the neighborhood.

We are proud of the 213 mixed-income units that house diverse community of people who share different cultures, religions, languages and traditions. Together, we are a community deeply rooted in Allston-Brighton. And we are excited about plans for the new development.  Not only will Charlesview Residences provide better housing, a better mix, better design and a better location but we will be able to build upon what we are already doing for the Allston Brighton community.