Sights from the site: October

Some progress images from around the site on a rainy October Wednesday:


When seen from above, every building foundation (22) is complete, with vertical construction underway on eight buildings that contain well over half of the development’s apartments.  Townhouse framing progresses rapidly, with two buildings already under roof.



A midrise at Western Ave & Litchfield St is furthest along, with exterior windows, brick and stone in place.  Future retail bays can be seen at street level.

Inside the buildings, drywall and insulation now clearly show the ample light and living areas in the apartment units.




Coming into View

The City of Boston and Charlesview have layers and layers of importance to one another.    As the steel buildings rise along Western Avenue, downtown Boston comes into view.  And with activity ramping up all over the site, there are now over 120 construction workers on the jobsite each day, priming the Boston economic recovery and great local jobs.  We move closer and closer to realizing the vision of preserving Charlesview as a critical housing asset for Allston-Brighton families.

See the gallery below for lots of great images around the site (click any image to enlarge and launch slideshow)

Moving On

Close observers of the Charlesview construction site will notice two major shifts in construction activity this week.

The first is the relocation of the steel erection crane to the eastern side of the garage deck.  The last of the Building D1 structural steel was lifted into place and connected last week, so the crane is moving into place to erect building E1, the 84-unit building along Western Avenue with ground floor retail.  As the largest building on the site, getting E1 under way is critical to keeping construction progress ahead of schedule.

The second shift is activity on a new portion of the site, on the southern side between STAR Market and the former Brookline Machine shop.  That area, known as “Block C” to the construction team, will be a residential block with five woodframe townhouse buildings containing 16 units.  (The remainder of Block C will contain three buildings with homeownership units).  Foundation work on the rental townhouses should begin this week, with wood framing coming later this summer, when the whole site will be bustling with activity.