Concrete Garage Structure Progressing

Over the holidays, JMA, J. Derenzo Co. (site contractor) and J.L. Marshall (concrete) continued progress on the garage structure.  Excavation is nearing an end as soil removal will finish near the end of the month.  As the excavation bottom has become available, formwork and reinforcing rebar has been placed and concrete foundations have been poured.  Nearly three-quarters of the perimeter footings are complete. 

Above the footings, nearly a third of the garage walls have already been completed.  The garage work continues to benefit from the mild winter weather (until today!) and JMA aims to begin installing the garage deck steel in March.

The photos below captured the garage structural work on site today…

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Hitting Bottom

The Garage Excavation begins to reach the bottom in portions of the site

Excavation continues for the parking garage, with a constant flow of trucks hauling excavated dirt away to disposal facilities.  But certain areas have reached the bottom of the garage excavation and are ready to begin setting the first concrete foundations.  The concrete subcontractor, JL Marshall & Sons, will be coordinating with JMA and the site subcontractor to set the first forms and start pouring concrete, likely early next week, weather depending.

The installation of the foundations and garage slab is expected to take about 3 months.  By March, we hope to be erecting the garage deck.

Note that the Telford Street opening will likely occur a week or two from now, a slight delay from this previous post.  This is due to some additional coordination of grading and paving to ensure that Telford Street, the new McDonalds, and the existing STAR market parking lot all come together as smoothly as possible.