Topping Off

The beam is lowered into place and connected by ironworkers

Another major milestone has been reached in the construction of the new Charlesview, with tradespeople gathered for the ironworkers’ Topping Off and a bbq lunch.  With beautiful weather, ample progress all over the site, and a construction workforce of over 120, it was a festive afternoon at the jobsite.

The tradition has a folk history dating back centuries, is a symbolic moment in construction, when the highest piece of structure is hoisted into place.  The ironworkers will move quickly to finish the final steel structure.  Congrats to the construction team and especially Ironworkers Local 7 for the amazing progress.

With structural steel in place, space has been cleared on site to mobilize many other trades.   Soon framers, masons, electricians, plumbers, glaziers and other trades will be swarming all corners of the site.

More photos from the ceremony after the jump.

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Moving On

Close observers of the Charlesview construction site will notice two major shifts in construction activity this week.

The first is the relocation of the steel erection crane to the eastern side of the garage deck.  The last of the Building D1 structural steel was lifted into place and connected last week, so the crane is moving into place to erect building E1, the 84-unit building along Western Avenue with ground floor retail.  As the largest building on the site, getting E1 under way is critical to keeping construction progress ahead of schedule.

The second shift is activity on a new portion of the site, on the southern side between STAR Market and the former Brookline Machine shop.  That area, known as “Block C” to the construction team, will be a residential block with five woodframe townhouse buildings containing 16 units.  (The remainder of Block C will contain three buildings with homeownership units).  Foundation work on the rental townhouses should begin this week, with wood framing coming later this summer, when the whole site will be bustling with activity.

Steel Rising

As Boston foliage springs to life, steel columns emerge from the earth along Western Avenue, beginning to take the form of the first building at the New Charlesview. Following months of excavation and lots and lots of subterranian work, visible progress moves along at a steady clip as ironworkers quickly lift, connect and detail the steel structure of the “D1” building, a 52-unit multifamily building on the corner of Litchfield Street and Western Avenue. As the steel structure moves up to the three- and five-story heights of the building, decking will go on quickly, with concrete floor slabs to follow. By Memorial Day, the shape and massing of the building will be visible to viewers.

Building D1 form beginning to take shape as the steel superstructure is erected

Soil has been backfilled around the garage walls bringing grade back up to Western Ave