A Neighborhood Rises

Charlesview Residences townhomes rooftops

Rooftops of a new neighborhood

Construction is in the throes of its last, exciting stage.  The site looks different from one day to the next.  The mid-rises on Western Avenue (E1 and D1) are complete.  The mid-rise on Telford St (E2) is nearing completion.  All of the townhomes have been framed, except for the last two behind the D1 mid-rise on Justinian Way.  Site work is progressing rapidly, and within two weeks this neighborhood will have new roads and a new park.

Charlesview Tree

A tree grows in Brighton

By our ribbon cutting ceremony on June 21, the construction site will be reduced to the D-block townhomes, B-block, and a staging area on C-block.  Resident move-ins will begin on the rest of the site on June 24th.  The relocation of residents from the existing Charlesview at Barry’s Corner and the move-ins of new residents will continue through the summer and finish up in the first week of September.  

Move-ins will be timed to minimize disruption.  Moving trucks will be located on the new streets. Charlesview move-ins won’t feel anything like that first weekend of September normally does in Allston-Brighton.  But soon, everything else about Charlesview will just feel like everyday, normal Allston-Brighton (whatever that is).