Winter Construction

WoodFramingAs winter sets in at the site, construction continues with many crews continuing their work outdoors. While work on the steel-framed mid-rises is primarily shifting indoors, workers constructing our wood-framed buildings have been battling the cold to get these buildings up. Eight of the twenty wood buildings have been framed, with another two currently in progress. Although chilly now, these high performance buildings are being built under the New Homes with Energy Star program, which requires the construction crews to maintain extremely high standards with regard to air sealing, insulation, and duct sealing. In addition to a well sealed and insulated envelope, these buildings will feature energy efficient equipment for heating, lighting, and appliances. In total, the team expects these efforts to result in a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, when compared to a standard new construction home. These expectations will be verified at project completion through a series of third party tests, to be conducted by Conservation Services Group. Results will be published to this blog, so stay tuned. In the meantime, think warm thoughts for those working outside this week.

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