Charlesview Survives Sandy

Sandy tore off some newly installed shingles from the roofs of townhomes C1 and C2

Hurricane Sandy brought massive destruction to Haiti and the Caribbean and unprecedented damage to New York, New Jersey, and much of the rest of the east coast.  But closer to home, we were also worried how the Charlesview construction site could weather the storm.

The quality work and preparation by our contractors, along with some good luck, helped Charlesview through with just some minor setbacks.

Sandy only set the construction schedule back by about 2 days as masons, carpenters, roofers, and other trades were unable to work on account of the storm.  The damage Sandy dealt to New York may cause further delays as a window delivery was expected from a manufacturer in Flushing, Queens.

Damage to the site was limited to:

  • 2 pieces of decking torn from stair tower on E2
  • Minor water damage to D1 mid-rise
  • Flooding in garage because storm drains have yet to be tied into city system
  • Some newly installed shingles on C1 and C2 roofs lost and damaged
TCB Construction Manager Doug Tierney inspecting pooled water on site

TCB Construction Manager Doug Tierney inspecting pooled water on site

Since this storm hit before the site’s storm water management system was tied into the city system and complete and before the buildings have been sealed from the elements, we got very lucky that damage at Charlesview was limited.  We can worry instead about Haiti, New York, New Jersey and others that took a direct hit from Sandy.