Steel and Garage Photos

At the beautiful end to a soggy week, here are several photos from above the garage deck, as a 52-unit, mixed use building along Western Ave reaches its full height, and from below the deck, as concrete and plumbing work continues apace.

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Check Out the Site’s New Features!

Regular visitors to this blog will notice there are a host of updates and features that have been added to the site recently.  This puts many of the various web resources on the New Charlesview in one convenient, up-to-date location.

The new features include:

  • an enhanced About section, which now features links to the overall site plan and program, as well as links to typical unit layouts for all the apartment configurations in the development
  • a brief overview of Charlesview, Inc., the nonprofit owner of the existing Charlesview Apartments and longtime steward of this important housing and community development resource
  • a Press section featuring some of the coverage of the redevelopment effort to date
  • the time-elapse photos of construction have been merged into one Construction Cameras section.  Be sure to see the updated slideshows!

Steel Rising

As Boston foliage springs to life, steel columns emerge from the earth along Western Avenue, beginning to take the form of the first building at the New Charlesview. Following months of excavation and lots and lots of subterranian work, visible progress moves along at a steady clip as ironworkers quickly lift, connect and detail the steel structure of the “D1” building, a 52-unit multifamily building on the corner of Litchfield Street and Western Avenue. As the steel structure moves up to the three- and five-story heights of the building, decking will go on quickly, with concrete floor slabs to follow. By Memorial Day, the shape and massing of the building will be visible to viewers.

Building D1 form beginning to take shape as the steel superstructure is erected

Soil has been backfilled around the garage walls bringing grade back up to Western Ave