Change of Direction

After an incredibly mild winter and a carefully coordinated effort by JMA (general contractor), J. Derenzo Co. (sitework) and JL Marshall (concrete), the foundations will be substantially completed in the next week.  A small portion of the garage–about 10 isolated footings and a section of wall–will remain unfinished so the earthen ramp can allow a crane and other equipment to continue to access the garage level for another few months.

The garage structure is over 110,000 square feet in area, so what the team has accomplished this winter is the equivelent of building a structure the size of the old K-Mart/Office Max building out of reinforced concrete, underground, beneath the water table.

This milestone also signals an important direction for the project: Up.

Steel will begin to arrive in early March for the erection of the garage structure.  By late spring, the steel will be back up to grade level and the structure of the two largest mixed use buildings will commence.

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