Concrete Foundation Progress Despite the Rain

Make a two-acre hole in the ground, exposing earth all the way down to the clay layer.  Then add about four inches of rain and tons of heavy construction equipment.  Those have been the working conditions on the Charlesview site this week, and yet substantial progress has been made.

Upon reaching the bottom of the western portion of the excavation last week, JMA has coordinated the sitework and concrete subcontractors to place, form and pour the foundations for the perimeter wall of the garage.  All this week, workers have had to continually manage the rainwater by trenching, draining, pumping and drying the areas where concrete is to be poured.  Despite the challenging conditions, the first several hundred feet of foundation have been poured, including the full length of continuous footing along Litchfield Street, and about a third each of the northern and southern foundations.  Next week, forms will go in place to start pouring the actual garage walls.

Rebar is moved into place for the future south wall fo the garage





Workers progress the foundation of the new north wall of the garage, mitigating accumulated stormwater as they go