Telford Street Opening to Traffic Soon

JMA and the site contractor J. Derenzo & Co. have been working the past few weeks to complete the new Telford Street Extension and open it up to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  The north end of the roadway opened a few weeks ago, but temporarily routed to the STAR market parking lot.  Sometime in the next two weeks, the full length of Telford Street will be open to traffic from Holton Street to Western and on up to Soldiers Field Road.  This will allow for the best connectivity between the residential neighborhood and Western Avenue since before Brighton Mills was built.

The site contractor is laying new granite curb along the roadway’s eastern side, and will soon begin pouring a new public sidewalk.  The small plaza, reconfigured parking area, and new STAR market exterior wall are finishing up, as well.  The newly reshaped area should be more inviting to walk-up customers while remaining convenient for drivers.

Aerial view of the first layer of pavement going on the middle section of Telford Street


Workers spread hot asphalt to prepare for the roller along the new section of Telford Street

More work remains to be done: landscaping, street trees and new street lights will be installed next year (the old parking lot lights will be used for temporary lighting in the interim).  The western curb and sidewalk will remain unfinished and behind the project construction fence until 2013.  In the meantime the opening of Telford Street is an important construction milestone for the neighborhood and the project, and on this week in particular, for that we give thanks.