Partial Telford Street Opening on Wednesday

What a difference a week makes: compare the photo above with the photo in the previous post, and see the new Telford Street extension become reality.

On Wednesday (10/26), the traffic pattern to enter Brighton Mills will shift, with the existing entry drive closed off and vehicles and pedestrians routed about 40 feet to the east to the northern section of the new Telford Street extension.  Likewise, STAR trucks will be rerouted to the southern portion of the new street (though it will remain restricted to trucks until the full street is opened).  For the next few weeks, this new entry will temporarily route cars into the Brighton Mills parking lot while the middle section of Telford Street is under construction. 

By mid-November, the full length of Telford Street should be open, reconnecting Holton Street to Western Ave.  By the end of the year, a new traffic light will be installed at the intersection of Telford and Western (as part of the related McDonald’s reconstruction project), which should substantially ease vehicle and pedestrian movement in the area.