Sheet Pile Driving Begins

Yesterday the first of the sheet piles was driven into the ground, near the corner of Western Ave and Litchfield Street.  The steel sheeting will be driven around the perimeter of the future garage to safely hold back the surrounding earth as the hole for the garage is excavated.  This marks the transition from demolition to new construction of the redeveloped Charlesview.

TCB used the transition point as an opportunity to touch base with neighbors via two public meetings held near the site this week, one at McNamara House and the other at the Brighton Resource Center.  Both meetings were positive and productive. 

Based on the feedback, the team is exerting a commendable effort toward limiting the impact of a major construction effort in the middle of an active neighborhood and retail area.  Here are the areas where our team will place even more focus on improving:

  • increased collaboration between the different construction projects and commercial property owners on access and coordinated pest control
  • increased visibility for pedestrians and vehicles moving past the site
  • more enforcement of truck routing to keep them off neighborhood streets and of off-hours construction staging activities
  • collaboration between the construction projects and commercial property owners on truck activity on or near the site before work hours begin at 7am

Thank you to our meeting hosts, and to the neighbors who took time out to speak with us about questions and concerns about the ongoing construction.  Thanks also to City Councilor Mark Ciommo and MA Representative Kevin Honan who attended the meetings and continue to stay plugged in to this important development in Brighton.