Building Demo Complete, Work Moves Below Grade

Buildings removed, workers perform subgrade demo and prepare for excavation.

As September winds to a close, both buildings have been completely demolished.  The focus shifts to the two fall priorities: preparing for excavation for the underground garage, and extending Telford Street across Western Ave all the way to Holton Street.

Providing parking for 240 cars underground will allow the new development to meet the density goals of the Community-Wide Plan without burdening the surrounding neighborhood’s on-street parking.  But building a 110,000 square foot garage beneath six future buildings and a new street requires several important construction steps.  First, the neighborhood’s drainage must be re-routed around the new garage to the Western Ave main stormwater main.  Then metal sheeting must be installed around the perimeter to stabilize the surrounding earth while excavators dig the hole for the garage so the structure can be built.  The process will last through most of the winter.

To prepare for the construction of the Telford Street Extension, new drainage infrastructure, manholes and catch basins are being installed.  The newly exposed wall of STAR market–which formerly separated STAR from Frugal Fannies–will be covered by a new exterior wall and a raised planter.  As we move closer through October into November, observers will see the new street come into shape, lined by sidewalks, streetlights and trees. 

The extension of Telford Street is especially important for the neighborhood, as it will create a new public access between the site and Brighton Mills.  This is good for construction, as work will proceed more efficiently inside a closed site.  But this is especially good for the neighborhood, as it will create a safe, permanent access for cars, bikes and pedestrians to get to Brighton Mills and Western Ave.  The Telford Street extension is scheduled to open before the end of year.