Demolition Safety

Having paused briefly to allow Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene to blow through, JMA is now proceeding with demolition of the buildings!

NASDI equipment begins demolition at K-Mart

With heavy equipment working in and around the site, safety is paramount, and everyone needs to do their part.  JMA has safely enclosed the entire site inside a fence that has numerous signs directing pedestrians and traffic to the appropriate detour:

  • Pedestrians from the south, north and east should use the sidewalk that runs from Petco all the way to Holton Street to get through the site, or to access Star Market and other shops.  If coming from the west, there is a pedestrian walkway now painted into the Brighton Mills entrance way to safely allow walkers to get to the shops.
  • The service alleyway between K-Mart and Frugal Fannies is closed to all non-construction access.  Cars should use Everett Street during working hours.  Litchfield Street is open to vehicular traffic during non-working hours.
  • The McDonald’s reconstruction project is also happening in the Brighton Mills area, temporarily altering the ingress/egress along Western and from Everett

For the remainder of 2011, the site will be a flurry of demolition, excavation and construction activity–please be aware of the signs that help provide safe access.  Beginning in late December, a new street and public sidewalk will cut right through the middle of the site with Charlesview construction isolated on one side, providing for the safe access to and through Brighton Mills.