Shutting, Cutting, Capping and Pulling

Some long-awaited news on construction progress at the end of this post, but first, a note on process:

Like most cities, Boston has a series of safeguards to ensure that workers and neighbors are protected from potential accidents caused by building demolition, and none of this could begin until Charlesview formally took ownership of the buildings at the end of June.  Prior to taking down an existing building, contractors must pull a demolition permit from the City’s Inspectional Services Department.  Before pulling the permit, the contractor must go through the buildings and prepare for demolition.  Then begins a process with each public utility:

  • request a shutoff of the individual services
  • verify that they have been shut off and account balances paid
  • dig up the service feed from the public street to the individual property meters and physically cut and cap the utility line
  • have the work inspected and approved by a formal letter from the utility

Once all that is complete. the letters are combined with other submittals to the City as the formal Demolition Permit package.

…And now the good news: on Friday, JMA received the demolition permit for 400 Western Ave (the former K-Mart building).  The permit for the former Frugal Fannies building should follow this week.  Building demolition is imminent!  Check back soon for updates.