Preparing for Demolition

Upon closing on the financing for the New Charlesview, we have mobilized in earnest to prepare the site for construction and to demolish the vacant buildings.  The General Contractor John Moriarty and Associates (JMA) have established a field office in 355 Western Avenue and have a full staff in place initiating construction activities.

The most visible progress has been made in Litchfield Street, where site subcontractor J Derenzo Co. has been installing drainage infrastructure.  The existing drainpipes run through the current parking lot, and need to be re-routed around the future underground parking before excavation can begin.

Utility work in Litchfield Street

A temporary construction fence went up around the site a few weeks ago.  This week, the contractor began installing jersey barriers along Western Ave as the base of a more permanent fence to safely separate vehicular traffic from the contruction site.  In the coming weeks, the barriers will be topped by a chain link fence and then covered with a decorative scrim, to present a more attractive edge to Western Ave during construction.

Western Avenue jersey barrier installation

Inside the site, NASDI has nearly completed preparation for the upcoming demolition of the buildings.  The removal and safe disposal of building materials is complete inside the buildings, and existing utility feeds are being shut off, cut and capped off in the street.  Once that’s complete, JMA will pull demolition permits for both buildings and NASDI will commence demolition, likely in mid-August.

Inside the site before demolition start